Flowers, Bugs and Ducks

Surprisingly, the ducks posed for me. I thought they would freak out but they were curious. Ducks are so funny, by the way. They walk funny and talk funny and have a very high level of adorableness. Even higher than the chickens, I dare to say. While the chickens look like they’re always grumpy, ducks smile like all the time.

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3x mom . mrs . certified introvert . loves coffee, cats, plants, crochet, reading and photography, not necessarily in this order . allergic to ambrosia and rudeness

12 thoughts on “Flowers, Bugs and Ducks

  1. Such a lovely collection of flowers and summer insects going about their pollinating business! Gorgeous shot of the two ducks.Thank you for joining the Mosaic Monday crowd this week.

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    1. Hahaha, aww, sweet kitty. It’s OK. Chasing birdies is in your nature. You can chase flies and other bugs. It’s just as fun. 😉


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